Data Platform

This is the Open Power System Data platform. We provide European power system data in five packages:

Data package Description Download latest version    Documentation and script
Conventional power plants List of conventional power plants in Germany and European countries 2017-03-03 (740 kB) View or access on Github
National generation capacity Aggregated generation capacity by technology and country 2016-10-27 (280 kB) View or access on Github
Renewable power plants List of renewable energy power stations 2017-02-16 (165 MB) View or access on Github
Time series Load, wind and solar, prices in hourly resolution 2017-03-06 (114 MB) View or access on Github
Weather data Script for the download of MERRA-2 weather data 2016-10-21 (2 kB) View or access on Github

Data availability overview

Time series List of power plants National
Prices Load Wind Solar Renewable Conventional
AT 2006-2015
BE 2006-2015
CH 2007-2015 Hydro, nuclear
CZ 2006-2015 2012+ 2012+ > 100 MW
DE 2002+ 2006-2015 2010+ 2012+ EEG > 10 MW
DK 2006+ 2010-2015 2000+ 2014+ Wind, solar
ES 2006-2015
FI 2010-2015
FR 2006-2015
IT 2006-2015
NL 2006-2015
NO 2006+ 2006-2015 > 100 MW
PL 2008-2015 2013+ Centrally dispatched units
SE 2006+ 2001-2015 2002+ 2011+ > 100 MW
UK 2011-2015
20+ more

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