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Weather data

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Description Script for the download of MERRA-2 weather data
Notes Weather data differ significantly from the other data types used resp. provided by OPSD in that the sheer size of the data packages greatly exceeds OPSD's capacity to host them in a similar way as feed-in timeseries, power plant data etc. While the other data packages also offer a complete one-klick download of the bundled data packages with all relevant data this is impossible for weather datasets like MERRA-2 due to their size (variety of variables, very long timespan, huge geographical coverage etc.). It would make no sense to mirror the data from the NASA servers. Instead we choose to provide a documented methodological script (as a kind of tutorial). The method describes one way to automatically obtain the desired weather data from the MERRA-2 database and simplifies resp. unifies alternative manual data obtaining methods in a single script.
Last changes Published on the main repository
Geographical scope Worldwide
Documentation Documentation and script (view on GitHub)
Download Data package (zip) (3 kB)
Meta data
Input data Not provided
Sources MERRA-2
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Contact Jan Urbansky
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